zzzz's in the city

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most days I love my job, but sometimes I can't help but love it WAY more than usual. Like tomorrow, when the Magnetic North Theatre Festival debuts Z's by the C, a public napping project.

Join us at the NAC, at the Elgin & Queen St. entrance (the one that leads down to the canal!) for some crafting, and some snoozy public "art" in the sun.

Z’s by the C: A public napping project
By Eric Moschopedis & Mia Rushton

Presented by Magnetic North Theatre Festival in association with SAW Gallery, Z’s by the C invites Ottawa residents to playfully defy the division between public and private spaces through the intimate act of napping. During this three day outdoor participatory project, come personalize a sleeping mask using simple crafting techniques before covering your eyes and dozing off in the city. By creating safe sleeping zones throughout the downtown core, Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton, seek to legitimize public napping for everyone under the aegis of art – just sweet public dreams!

Friday, June 5 11am – 4pm
National Arts Centre, Elgin/Queen St Entrance

Saturday, June 6 11am – 4pm
ByWard Market George St.

Sunday, June 7 11am – 4pm
ByWard Market