almost asleep

almost asleep, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

This might be a pretty accurate description of how things have been on this blog, lately. 3 posts in April? 4 in March? Sad, sad, sad.

Now that spring is here I feel as if I've crawled out of a very dark cave. And I have to say, it's nice to be back, out in fresh air and sunlight, tuning up bicycles and having beers on the front porch. My cameras are charged, we're practically ready for new kittens, we miss the old ones so much, and I have a pile of cookbooks just waiting for their spines to be cracked.

Let's get to it! Look for some more frequent posts in this space. But if you need a fix now, you should know that you can always find me filling 140 character lines on twitter, or posting something new in my flickr account, too.

Until next time...