exactly as they should be

exactly, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Except now they're probably sad and lonely in their cage, wondering why no one brought them little bits of ice cream bar and buffalo mozzarella to nibble on for dinner (*ahem*. Not that WE would do that. Ever.).

This morning (when this photo was taken), Oliver (Ollie) and Ophelia woke up early, piled back into their (now) very cosy crate, and headed off to the OHS for some obligatory time with the vets, and then....the waiting. Their new family (or families, if we have to), are out there somewhere.

Giving them back is a good thing, but why does it have to suck?

For those on cat-watch, April '09 edition, you can follow Ollie's profile on the OHS site here. When it's not there anymore, it's good news! Ophelia's profile should be up on Thursday!