spins and needles: the fancy new wardrobe edition

Hello there! Long time no write! It's been an absolutely madhouse here at mintyfresh hq, with work eating up the balance of my life (mostly this, a little this), matched with manaic-kittens, some cooking, baking, a surprise trip to halifax (for some, not others) and well: this!

I've been busy gutting my closet putting together a huge bag of clothes for this weekend's Spins & Needles SWAP edition, which features such lovely local crafters as Laura Twiss, Melanie Yugo and me (!) giving workshops on modifying your clothes - printing, sewing, hacking and refashioning.

It will be a blast, there will be more clothes than you can shake a stick at, and all of the leftovers go to a good cause! Come on out and join us this Saturday at the RIdeau Canal Junior Ranks Mess Hall.

More details here.