made from scratch: homemade garlic butter

butter beginnings, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

people give me weird looks occasionally when I talk about making my own butter, but it's more fun to make your own than to use the bland boring storebought stuff, especially when you can fill it full of fun things, and spread it on fresh bread from places like True Loaf, or Bread & Sons!

I'm at my parents house this weekend, and getting to play around in my dad's giant kitchen (with his giant stove, and his giant kitchenaid mixer, so I'm excited to be baking and cooking and anything else involving food), I promised to make some butter while I was here, which is how this post got started. But now that the butter is through, I need to figure out what to make next!

Since this is SO easy to do, I'm going to share the recipe here:

Homemade Garlic Butter:

500ml whipping cream (36 - 40%)
fresh garlic, finely minced
cracked black pepper, to taste (I use pink peppercorns)
sea salt, to taste (I use fleur de sel, or occasionally Hawaiian Sea Salt)
cold water

You'll need a stand mixer to make this version, but it's just as easy to do this with a hand-mixer, or a blender.

Mixer method:
Pour your cream into the mixer, and add the wire whisk attachment. Turn mixer up to 8 (6 if it's the Kitchenaid industrial version - unless you want to paint your kitchen with butter specks!). Walk away to do something fun - pet the cat, pour a glass of wine, step outside for some fresh air - as all you really need to do now is wait.

Come back in 5 minutes, add garlic, salt, pepper and continue mixing on speed 8, until the cream is clumpy and yellow (see photo below). There will be leftover cream in the bowl - turn the mixer off, pour this out, add about 1/2 cup of ice cold water, and turn the mixer on at high speed for another minute or so.

butter endings, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Drain the water and smush the butter down into a giant ball (I smush mine with the back of a spoon into a butter bell, for safekeeping). Drain off any excess liquids and enjoy!

(Also, you can add anything you want to the butter - ocasionally I'll substitute fresh strawberries and some brown sugar for the garlic and sea salt, or fresh dill for something a little tangy - anything goes - and you really can't screw it up).