return to real life.

love., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

finally, after many many months holed up in my third floor office at the NAC, I can rest easy and return to living a normal life (you know, doing laundry, leaving work before 11pm, SEEING people who aren't colleagues - but I love my colleagues, don't get me wrong! - and not thinking about the orchestra 24-hours a day) because....we've announced the 2009-2010 season. And it's exciting! Yo-Yo Ma, Valery Gergiev, gigantic 300+ person symphonies. I can't wait!

Now that I'm having a life instead of working, I even managed to see Giselle on the weekend, which is where I snapped this photo.

More soon as I dust off the cameras, get back in the studio and start making pretty things again.