sunset., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

My favourite part of our 7-day holiday in the british virgin islands were the brilliant sunsets every night. Sitting on the beach (or sometimes, the boat, but more on that later), it was easy to pass away the hours while watching the sun set, with the ocean rumbling in the background and sailboats tottering in the distance.


Day 1: Awesome!
Day 2: Awesome! I sailed the boat! And then I got seasick.
Day 3: And stayed seasick.
Day 4: And abandoned ship for the lovely shores of Virgin Gorda, where I proceeded to stop with the seasick and start with the beach-sitting and people-watching.

Virgin Gorda is a stunningly beautiful little 8-mile-wide island. It's full of beaches and *ahem* roosters and delightfully devoid of the cruise-ship traffic you often see on tropical islands in the Caribbean.

It was delightful. Not the vacation we planned for, but we made the best of it, and in many ways, the best, was better.

You can see the photos here, if you're into that sort of thing.