Ella & Miles.

Miles., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is *everywhere*, and by everywhere, I mean obsessively watching my flickr stream and only checking to see if I've posted anything new to the blog. Whoops!

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Ella and Miles.

Mr. Miles, who you see above, is quite happy to be living with us at the moment, especially since he has a cat cold and feels like, well, a kitten with a cat cold. He is not a happy camper, but he does quite like his giant flannel cat bed.

Ella, seen below, is just happy in general. Say her name, and you will hear her purring from across the room. Pick her up and lay her on her back, and she will happily groom herself (and you) for ages. She is a little bit sick, but not sick enough that we have to keep telling her to stop biting her brother's neck, already, he is NOT FEELING WELL.

Ella., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

In other news, Happy New Year! Last year was my year of extraordinary change. This year is the year of taking more pictures, making more food, and spending as many evenings as possible skiing up giant hills, or crammed onto a tiny sailboat. All equally wonderful.