2008: Top Ten Things

16.365 Honour, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

2008 was a year of acquiring things and of good things happening. LOTS of good things came into my life in the last 365 days. Here are my top ten favourites:

  • Macworld 2008 Best In Show Award

    A long time ago (or at least what feels like a long time ago now), I worked for a company that made extremely cool software. We set a lofty goal for ourselves in the summer of 2007: Go to Macworld and bring back the most important award you can get. Amid much nail-biting, many late night WTF?! sessions, and a crazy trip to San Francisco, we did it. I'm not sure I've ever been more surprised, or more proud of the people I got to call colleagues.

  • KitchenAid Red Stand Mixer

    A present for quitting a job that mostly made me want to gouge out my eyes (not the same as the award-winning job above!), this KitchenAid Stand Mixer came home with me in October and has seen plenty of action since. Churning out cookies, cupcakes, pie dough and even freshly churned butter, it's all show-offy and is my favourite new counter piece. Santa brought me the pasta rolling attachment for Christmas, so look for more KitchenAid miracles on this site soon!

  • Blik FLY Wall Decals

    My new studio needed something fun on the walls, and these wall decals from Blik were it. Every day, I can't help but smile as I walk by the flying doves on my walls. They are just so happy looking!

  • NAC Employee ID Card

    To some, this might be insignificant, but I've been coveting a job at the NAC for months - quite possibly, years. Every day at my new job is a challenge, but an exciting one. This handy ID card gets me access to my daily grind, access to the coffee shop, and an in when I want to hang out on the stage of Southam Hall. It's one of my very favourite things from 2008.

  • Canon 10-22 Lens

    A super surprise present from Brett, this new lens of mine is quickly reaching favourite status with it's beautiful wide-angle views and manual adjusting f stop. Expect to see a lot from this lens in the months to come.
  • Yellow Fluevogs I Covet From Afar

    This has been the year of shopping, for shoes, clothes, coats and most importantly, colourful tights. After four years at a job where it probably would have been 100% ok to wear my pajamas to work, I had to start dressing like a grown up again (which I love. Pajamas get boring.) But the one thing I have refused to let myself buy are these lovely yellow shoes from Fluevog. Everybody's got to want something!
  • My Print Gocco

    Having a giant crafty room to myself in our new house comes with some perks (aside from just having a giant room - a novelty to apartment dwellers, I know) - and one is room for my fancy print gocco machine that Brett gave me as a gift LAST year. While it's been a busy enough year that I haven't been able to use it that much, but when I can, it's screenprinting and screenmaking madness. I'm in love! Now if only I could find a giant work table for my office already so I'd have somewhere to put it on!
  • Spoonflower Fabric Printing

    I discovered this service earlier this year and nearly immediately sent off two designs that have been kicking around in my digital files for some time now, and back they came as big giant pieces of fabric! This site is perfect for the wannabe fabric designer, the person who loves to add just that one special touch to special projects, or the craft maven with an encyclopedia of fabric designs floating around in her head.
  • Our Giant New Bed

    We bought a grown-up king size bed this year with all the trimmings....new bed frame, new sheets, new giant pillows. And there's nothing better than crawling into bed, stretching out, and not being able to reach the other side.
  • The iTunes Music Store

    For keeping me amused during the wee hours of the night, for saving me from trek to CD stores, and for letting us rent movies and not have to worry about returning them on time, for once.