on the move...again

oh hi! nice to see you all! You might not recognize me as I'm currently buried up to my neck in boxes and packing paper, but once I return to normal life, I'm going to be way more fun. I promise. But in the meantime, here's a series of pretty things from our new place (or soon to be featured in...) to keep you entertained.

Fancy Woolen Blanket in Turquoise Tweed (get your own from Macausland's Woolen Mills)

My macausland's blanket arrived!


Shiny New Kitchen There will be greatness that happens here, I promise.

Hooray for shiny bright kitchens!

Brand new credenza! (new circa 1950- or 1970-something depending on who you ask)

*finally* our new piece of furniture is here!

GT Rocker There are no real words to describe how much I love this chair. New chair day!

Also on their way are these other goodies (we went a little crazy, I'll admit, but we love our new place SO much we just had to upgrade some of our older pieces):


favourites of the moment

Somehow January turned into a whirlwind, with visitors and chaos and hunting and good news and sick cats and dinner parties and all my well-intentioned post ideas got put on the back burner. But while it's been insane, I've been stocking up, paring down, and getting organized for some upcoming projects. These are the things that are keeping me sane / making me crazy at the moment.

Friday playlist: Volume 2

More music this week, since my bookmark-this finger is working overtime. Best Coast - When I'm With You

Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun

Their show Wednesday night was the most fun I've had at a packed a metropolis in a while.

Sean Carey - In The Dirt

You might recognize him from Bon Iver, but then again, maybe not.

Kisses - People Can Do The Most Amazing Things

Summer Camp - Ghost Train

I can't stop listening to this.

Psapp - Tricycle

They were made famous because they wrote & performed the song that would become the Grey's Anatomy theme song, but that's seriously not their best work.

Metric - Eat Me Alive (Acoustic Version)

I prefer this to the album version, but maybe that's just me.

And for good measure, Stereogum's 40 best bands of 2010. Happy list-reading!

delightful, volume 1

from the wings, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

  • getting to take photos during rehearsal
  • a full house at concerts
  • ice-cold orangina on the walk home
  • dinner with favourite people
  • cool sheets, soft pillows, and open windows