happy birthday angus!

this is a little bit late, but given the chaos of the last few weeks, I think it’s ok. Plus, we made up Angus’s birthday anyway, so maybe it’s really today after all. When I started fostering kittens for the humane society more than five years ago, I had one rule: We’re not keeping any! That rule seemed to be pretty easy to adhere to, until it came time for my roommate and I to return our little charges to their cages at the OHS, where my hand-crafted cat profiles, packets of photos, and occasional round of personalized kitten buttons were sure to win over their soon-to-be-new cat families.

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fake angus

fake angus, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

this one is obviously fake, because the real one only hides under the bathtub.

his brother on the other hand, will do anything for even the slightest bit of attention.

did I mention?

kittens! Originally uploaded by mintyfresh we have kittens? Oh, right. I didn't because I've been too busy to check my email, much less blog.

These are our latest two fuzzy little masterminds. The fluffy one is Reggie. The white and black one is Angus, and I swear, except for this video, that he NEVER comes out from underneath the bathtub. Not even for treats. He needs some loving.