And another infrequent newsletter you probably won't even like.

For so long a big part of my life was blogging. And then we moved to Montreal and I gave it up because...other things happened. Shiny new things! And then I couldn't quite get in the groove of it again no matter how hard I tried. But! This spring I started wanting to write again. Not all the time, but just enough. I missed sharing things with people (even if no one was ever really reading it anyway, other than my mom).

So now, when the writing urge hits, I do something that feels just as public but also more private -- I write myself an infrequent email. Sometimes other people subscribe and read it too, which makes me feel simultaneously awesome and weird, like now there are expectations to meet. I've probably let those people down already. Sorry, internet strangers. 

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If you like potentially boring emails that could have some interesting links to things I'm currently loving, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. I send a new one every few-weeks-ish, and if you're lucky, sometimes there's a cat photo. Sufficiently sold? I knew it. 

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