Hi! I'm Robyn and I've been writing + sharing bits and pieces of my life here off and on since 2004. When I'm not working at my day job, you'll usually find me, camera in hand, looking for my next great food find, craft project, or planning my next big trip. I used to run an Etsy shop when I could find a few minutes here and there, and my crafty habits include quilts, bike seat covers, along with guitar and camera straps that have been featured in Venus Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Magazine, and the Toronto Star. I was once a contributing writer for a book called Cheap Eats Ottawa (you can still buy it over here), which also gave me the chance to have some great on-air conversations on CBC Ottawa programs about where and what we eat. I ate in a LOT of restaurants that year.

I am unable to sit still, hate doing only one thing at a time, and might sometimes be called "restless". I like to think of it as keeping things exciting. I try my hardest to say yes to things that scare me, and the list of things I've done as a result is growing ever-longer. 

Originally from Halifax, NS, I have lived in Ottawa, Montreal, and now in Ottawa again (second time's a charm, right?), where I live with my husband Brett, our kiddo Jack, and our newest feline friend, Max. Before Max, we had Angus, and well, that's a whole other story .

(Super huge thanks to Annemarie Gruden for the photo.)